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New digital business


We are your partner right from the start:

From idea development, conception, setting up a joint venture to the realignment and scaling of your existing business.



Are you looking for an attractive business idea in your industry or a new market?

Our services

  • Trend and market research

  • Identification of the most attractive target groups

  • Development of a convincing value proposition

Your results

  • 5-10 attractive opportunities for further in-depth study

  • Sound understanding of the market



Do you already have a business idea in your drawer that you want to test and develop into a viable business model?

Our services

  • Developing a strong business vision

  • Detailed market understanding

  • Design an initial customer-focused product with a clear roadmap

  • Stringent go-to-market strategy and brand

  • Organizational set-up and resource planning

  • First modeled business case

  • Basis for decision-making for a launch

Your results

  • Comprehensive business concept including business case

  • Basis for decision-making for launch/investment



Do you want to turn a business concept into reality, launch an MVP or a venture?

Our services

  • MVP and product development

  • Establishment of a corporate venture including contract drafting, governance structures

  • Organisational structure: structures, processes, recruiting

  • Sparring on financing/investments

  • Development of founding systems (HR, Finance, IT)

  • Development of marketing and sales and market entry

  • Advisory board and steering functions

Your results

  • Launched business including first team, product and financing

  • Business case tested on the market



Do you want to realign or scale an existing business?

Our services

  • Conception for the realignment of a business

  • Identifying growth/scaling levers

  • Conception of a new organization

  • Go-to-market strategy essay

  • Search for investors/sparring on financing issues

  • Establishment of governance structures

  • Advisory board functions

  • Implementation of the concept (e.g. support for organization, recruiting, interim management)

Your results

  • Business script for the next growth steps

  • Implementation of the concept through support and interim management

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