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Reference projects

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Mainova AG

Since mid-2021, we have been cooperating with MAINOVA AG / Frankfurt, which has taken over the marketing of the AWATREE solution in the Frankfurt metropolitan region.

Many municipal utilities are currently developing strategies and new business models to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. The development of digital platforms and LoRaWAN networks plays a major role in this. 

The AWATREE digital modules are also controlled via LoRaWAN, so we were able to integrate our solution into the Mainova AG platform. An important point here is that we use existing solutions that the municipal utilities have already developed, instead of building an additional network.

This enables Mainova AG to offer the AWATREE solution to the city of Frankfurt, but also to the surrounding communities and municipalities in the Frankfurt metropolitan region, and thus to preserve the city trees.

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Municipality of Wadern

Together with the municipality of Wadern, our BIG CUBE was set up in front of the community hall in summer 2021 for a first test and subjected to a long-term test. 
The BIG CUBE holds 1000 litres of water and is filled in spring when there is enough water. Due to the weather-dependent / demand-based watering of the trees, the water reservoir lasts for up to 12 weeks in the dry months and thus significantly reduces manual watering operations.

The integrated fill level display can be called up at any time via the AWATREE portal, which can also be accessed on a smartphone. If an automated email notification is set up, the green space office is informed if the fill level falls below a defined range. 

The integrated frost protection monitoring analyses the outside temperature and, if necessary, opens the outlet valve as soon as the winter temperatures make this necessary.

Smart City in Paderborn

For the city of Paderborn, the CUBES, which were primarily developed for on-demand watering of urban trees, were combined with a Smart City concept.

The question was discussed whether the CUBES could also be used for pedestrian measurements when placed in the pedestrian zone or other exposed locations.

By integrating radar detectors as well as improved battery performance, we have succeeded in meeting this requirement perfectly. In this way, the CUBES not only ensure the preservation of urban trees, but also form the basis for marketing analyses, such as the recording of pedestrians and cyclists. It is important to note that no personal data is collected in the process, so that the collection is in line with the applicable data protection regulations.


Image source: Westfalen-Blatt, Info Schmitz

Anker 3

The bench at Frankfurt

The city of Frankfurt has special requirements for street furniture, where the so-called Frankfurter Bank is the measure of all things. To meet these requirements, a concept was developed in joint workshops and close coordination, which perfectly complements the requirements of the city of Frankfurt with the possibilities of AWATREE digital technology. For example, the stability of the benches was redesigned and the outlet openings of the valves were adapted to the local conditions. 

The rectangular bench can be duplicated to form a seating area around the tree. Each bench can provide a water volume of 600, 800 or 1000 litres.

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