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Trees suffer from drought stress

Gründerszene / Businessinsider reports about us: An article by Fiona Mathewson

Gründer und CEO Daniel Brand (v.l.) und Awatree-Trainee Justus Brand präsentieren ihr System einem Vertreter vom Grünflächenamt Thomas Bies sowie Waderns Bürgermeister Jochen Kuttler
AWATREE presents their system

Outside, the sun is shining as Daniel Brand sets up his new office in Paderborn's Technology Park. A table, no chairs - just a few large wooden seating cubes. But the impression that his startup Awatree is just getting started is deceptive. "Our prototypes are already in use in several cities," Brand says, looking out the third-floor window. Outside, an avenue can be seen running along in front of the building. By the crowns of the trees, he says, you can tell how they're doing. "Many are not doing well today, suffering from drought stress," Brand says.

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